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Welcome to Masterpix Technology Services


Masterpix Technology Services provides  Mechanical and Electrical engineering services in building services, facility, manufacturing/industrial and marine sectors.


We procure, install and maintain mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for industrial, commercial and residential purposes.


We are passionate about customer satisfaction, best practices, safety and standards compliance.


At Masterpix Technology Services we are primed to become market leaders in technical & after sales support sector of the Nigerian economy.


Key Services Offered :

  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Projects.
  • Installation & Maintenance Services.
  • Procurement & Sales.


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HVAC – Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Installation, procurement and maintenance of cooling systems

Building Services and Facility Maintenance .

Retrofits, plumbing, water reticulation; single and Multi-sites facility services.

Electrical Services, Power generation

Lighting, CCTV Systems, ELV and MLV works, Generators etc.

Maintenance Services

We offer maintenance services, annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for various equipment types

Manufacturing and Industrial Machinery

Installation, procurement and maintenance of manufacturing and industrial machinery.

Marine, Oil & Gas

Install, maintain and procure equipment, parts and machinery used in marine, oil and gas

Our Core Services

MEP Project and Installation.

Installation and commissioning of HVAC / Air conditioning systems for residential, commercial (comfort) and industrial (process) applications.

Building Services

Building fit-outs, retrofits and upgrade of HVAC, duct-works, ventilation system and plumbing services.

Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical engineering services for every sector

Facility Management

Multi and single site, Facility maintenance and management.


Rigid, flexible and Fabric duct design, fabrication and installation.

Power & Energy

Power solutions for residential, commercial and industrial usage

Frequently Asked Questions & Answer

What is an Annual maintenance contract (AMC?

It is, simply put, a written and signed/sealed agreement between two or more persons or organizations for the purposes of carrying out maintenance services and other related services for a period of one year or any other period of time and frequency as agreed by parties involved..

What are the benefits of a fabric duct system?

Quick lead times.

Draft free, even air distribution. Eliminating cold and hot spots.

Easy and faster installation.

Contact us or do check our blog to know the numerous benefits of using a fabric duct system.

What size or type of air conditioner should I purchase for my home, office or event centre?

There are several factors that affect what size and type of a/c unit is most suitable for you. The only way to ensure you get the ideal solution is to have it evaluated by a professional.